Adam Glover

adam-gloverIn 2008, while on a hiking trip at Yosemite National Park with his father, 12-year-old Adam Glover developed stomach pain and began vomiting. He wound up at a hospital in Modesto, where his appendix was removed. The surgeon also removed two liters of blood-tinged fluid from Adam’s abdominal cavity, which should have rung alarm bells, but she did not order any follow-up work. When she examined Adam 12 hours after surgery she still did not see any need for action even though Adam had an elevated heart rate, lowered blood pressure, vomiting, a distended stomach and no urinary output. A pediatrician would have known fluid loss was killing him. Just 18 hours after surgery — after the surgeon had assured Adam’s mother, “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine” — Adam went into full cardiac arrest and died after eight hours on full life support. His parents were able to find a lawyer who was outraged enough to take their case, despite the $250,000 MICRA cap, but after the defense dragged out the case for more than a year the lawyer had to drop the case because of the cost. With the value of Adam’s life reduced to just $250,000 by MICRA, his parents were unable to receive justice.