Bobbie Jenke

bobbie-jenkeBobbie Jenke’s medical misadventures began when a friend convinced her to get an unusual and aggressive massage treatment known as “Rolfing” that left her right arm numb and her shoulder blade so low and loose it would at times bang into her rib cage. When her injury did not heal her doctor assured her it would get better on its own. It did not. As her search for relief continued she received false diagnoses, wrong advice or a lack of interest from medical personnel. One doctor all but told her it was all in her head. After rigorous physical rehabilitation and two surgeries she went to a doctor who treated her with Botox injections and left her with no medical instructions. The day after that procedure Bobbie’s shoulder blade began dropping and she experienced a new excruciating pain. Despite evidence of wider abuse by that doctor, no attorney would take Bobbie’s case because of MICRA’s outdated limit on the compensation for her pain.